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2.3.0 (xserver-1.4.2-apple5)

2.3.1 RC1 fails to detect keymap

As requested on the mailing list, here is a report of 2.3.1 RC1 failing to detect my system key mapping. I use a customised British key mapping.

{{{19/08/2008 10:41:20 org.x.startx[612] Error detected in determining keyboard layout. Please report this error at 19/08/2008 10:41:20 org.x.startx[612] Debug Info: keyboard_type=32, currentKeyLayoutRef=0x5653c0, currentKeyLayoutDataRef=0x0, chr_data=0x0 19/08/2008 10:41:20 org.x.startx[612] Debug Info: kKLuchrData fallback failed, trying kKLKCHRData. 19/08/2008 10:41:20 org.x.startx[612] Fallback succeeded, but this is still a bug. Please report the above information.}}}

The mapping file is attached. It is installed in "~/Library/Keyboard Layouts".

ahodgkin@… commented on Aug 19, 2008

Modified British keyboard layout

jeremyhu@… commented on Aug 19, 2008

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  • Version set to 2.3.0 (xserver-1.4)
  • Milestone set to 2.3.1

Where did you get your customized keyboard layout? You should send them this information:

""" Any KCHR can be converted to an XML-style keyboard layout using the tools here:

The tool isn't listed on the download page, but it's included in the install. It's called klkchrtoxml.

We strongly recommend that people using third-party keyboard layouts that are not already in XML format convert them. """

jeremyhu@… commented on Aug 20, 2008

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Closing, since this is a problem in a 3rd party keyboard layout.

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