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Cannot Reproduce

Clipboard Syncing Not Working Properly

Tested both on Mac OS 10.6.7. and Mac OS 10.7.1 using XQ 2.7.0 rc1 and all previous versions

Clipboard contents from X11 to Mac aqua does not work until the "Enable syncing" in the Clipboard tab of the XQuartz Preferences panel is toggled.

I don't know what component it is, maybe the server or maybe the window manager, but please fix.

Example app that I know it happens with: theWord . I don't use theWord, but I was just testing it for a friend, but it does happen using theWord. Please note, this is a Windows application in a WINE wrapper.

Download from this page,

1.) Restart your Mac
2.) Launch theWord
3.) Select a word or phrase
4.) Use either keyboard shortcut or from the Edit menu "Copy" from the X11/WINE app
5.) When you find paste not working in a Native Mac aqua app, try toggling the "Enable syncing" off/on from the Pasteboard tab of XQuartz Preferences panel. You can also try copying from a Native Mac application first. (Suggestion:Before and after, check your Mac's clipboard by going to the Finder and selecting Edit -> Show Clipboard.) 

Hope this helps you replicate the disease.

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Has dupe #⁠558

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Mass Edit

As you may have noticed, we have had issues with spam in trac for the past couple years. We've decided to migrate to using's bugzilla for our bug tracker (more details will be coming on the mailing lists in the next couple weeks).

I don't want us to loose valuable bug reports in the transition, so I want to make sure that any relevant open issues in this MacOSForge trac are migrated over to the new system. If you are interested in this issue, please take a few minutes to file a new bug for this issue in bugzilla. Please make sure to do the following:

  • Copy over all relevant information into that report, just in case we loose this one.
  • Set the URL field of the bugzilla report to this trac ticket's URL.
  • Paste the URL of the new bugzilla report as a comment in this ticket, and I'll close it out.

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