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ssh -X

keyboard mapping broken using ssh -X

Using XQuartz 2.7.4 and Mountain Lion 10.8.2 I'm having the same keyboard mapping problems found in this ticket:

I can open the terminal and keys are mapped correctly. I run the command ssh -X root@asdfcomputer and login my commands are still input correctly. I'm sshing to this machine for the explicit purpose of running virt-manager and when I do the program loads up fine and my mapping even works there. Moving forward I load a virtual machine inside the virt-manager and within the virtual machine is where the mapping fails to the same mapping mentioned in ticket 471.

Maybe this isn't a bug within XQuartz but can anyone help?

jeremyhu@… commented on Oct 4, 2012

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Yeah, it seems as though this is not an X11 bug. My guess is that "virt-manager" assumes the keymap matches the machine it is running on and not what X11 is using.

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