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Cannot Reproduce
2.7.4 (xserver-1.13.0)

Mac Pasteboard and X11 Clipboard do not sync

PLATFORM: OS X 10.8.4 Terminal 2.3 (309) Xquartz 2.7.4 (Xorg-server 1.13.0) xclip 0.12 -

RELEVANT SETTINGS: *For Quartz, under Pasteboard the following are checked:

Enable Checking, Update Pasteboard when CLIPBOARD changes, Update CLIPBOARD when Pasteboard changes, Update PRIMARY when pasteboard changes, Update Pasteboard immediately

  • Xclip is configured as ./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/opt/X11/include LDFLAGS=-L/opt/X11/lib. Notice u may have to create a soft link at /usr/include/x11 pointing too /opt/X11/include/X11


  1. Start Xquartz
  2. Start terminal

3 (Optional). echo $DISPLAY to verify it is set correctly. Mine DISPLAY is set to /tmp/launch-c8RgwI/org.macosforge.xquartz:0

  1. Copy something into mac clipboard via Ctrl C
  2. Run xclip -o on the terminal and observed that the it thinks the X11 CLIPBOARD is empty. (I had originally observed the problem with vim with clipboard sharing. Running xclip to simplfy reproduction)
  3. Run xclip -i <input> and notice that does not syc to clipboard

*Steps 5 and 6 is the bug*

  1. Run xclock from terminal
  2. Repeat 4 to 5 (Multiple times to reassure oneself if needed). Notice that now, "xclip -o" will correct output content that was copied via Cmd-C into Mac clipboard.

jeremyhu@… commented on Nov 15, 2013

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At step 5, it pastes what I copied.

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