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Welcome to XRPL Bounties

This is where you'll find bounties to work on, propose new ideas for bounties, or add your thoughts to the discussions! The XRPL Bounties program helps to:

  • Give new contributors meaningful projects to tackle
  • Fill in the gaps in the XRPL ecosystem
  • Solicit help from various experts on problems which require domain expertise!

All while paying people for the contributions they make. 💰

Pick Up a Bounty

Approved bounties can be found above as .md (Markdown) files in the bounties folder in this repo.

(Open Pull Requests are NOT approved bounties - they are still pending review and approval.) Please hold off on starting any work for bounty proposals until they have been officially merged, as some bounty PRs might not receive financial approval. There are no bounty funds available for any proposal PR that has not been merged.

Each bounty will describe a problem, what the work entails, and how much money will be awarded on completion.

Bounty work is usually split into milestones, which divide the work into incremental features, each of which is worth a piece of the total bounty. The first milestone is often required, while the rest are valuable add-ons.

If you see a bounty you like in the repo, feel free to get started!

To indicate interest in a bounty, feel free to post in the corresponding discussion for it!

List of Open Bounties

The following bounties are available for anyone to pick up:

Bounty Submission

Contributing to existing open source projects

To submit your bounty work to an existing open source repository (e.g. for contributions to, please follow the corresponding repo's instructions to create a pull request for maintainers to review.

Contributing to new bounty projects (open source)

To submit your bounty work for review (whether finished or a work-in-progress), you must open a Pull Request against the corresponding XRPLBounties repository. This should be linked from the bounty, and can also be found by searching the XRPL Bounties GitHub organization.

This will allow reviewers to directly comment on specific lines of code, clearly indicate when a bounty is accepted, and help increase the publicity for your work. The community will be able to find everything under the XRPL Bounties GitHub organization.

Claim a Bounty

Use this form to claim a bounty:

Keep in mind that the first milestone is usually required in order to claim the bounty.

Note: You and your team must be over 18 years old and you must not be on a sanctions list or within a sanctioned country in order to receive a bounty.
See the full terms and conditions to see if you qualify.

Be aware that in order to validate that you are eligible to receive payment, you will need to share your real name when trying to claim a bounty.

After submitting a bounty claim, please wait up to 5 business days for a response, expect emails to come from (they may go to spam).

Propose New Bounty Ideas

If you see a problem that may be great for someone in the community to tackle, please propose it!

In general, good bounties should be:

  1. Immediately useful in some way to the XRPL community.
  2. Technically focused.
  3. Doable by a single person just by reading the post.

The easiest way to get started with proposing a new bounty idea is to create a new Discussion topic for your idea. That way you can see what other community members think, and have some space to think through some potential solutions.

Before you post though, make sure to do a cursory search to see if the idea has already been proposed!
(If it has, just add your thoughts to that discussion 🙂)

Otherwise, if the idea hasn’t been shared before, feel free to create a new discussion post!

After a week or two of discussion, you can create a PR with a formal proposal in it. Use the file as a template in order to make sure all the required information is available to future bounty hunters! (There may be some back and forth with bounty maintainers in order to fully flesh out a robust and fair bounty)

Once the PR is merged, the bounty is live and anyone can pick it up!

Join The Discussion

Even if all you want to do is browse, you can help us out by adding your perspective to the various discussions!

If you see a bounty that you think is particularly important you can upvote it to help it get the attention it deserves 🙂

Hopefully by working together we can build a stronger ecosystem!

Thanks For Contributing

XRPL Bounties expresses sincere gratitude to all of the contributors who help to improve the XRP Ledger and related projects. Your hard work and dedication are highly valued and appreciated.

Contributor List (In Alphabetical Order):



XRPL Bounties: paid challenges for software developers to build + solve for the benefit of the XRP Ledger community