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School Server Community Edition (XSCE)

This project has merged into Internet in a Box at

This repo is for XSCE release 6.2. XSCE is a community-based project developed and supported by volunteers from around the world. It provides communication, networking, content, and maintenance to schools and classrooms. In everyday usage the school server provides services which extend capabilities of the connected laptops while being transparent to the user. These services include:

  • Classroom connectivity – Similar to what you would find in an advanced home router.
  • Internet gateway – If available, an internet connection is made available to laptops.
  • Content – Tools to make instructional media available to their schools and classrooms.
  • Maintenance – Tools to keep laptop updated and running smoothly.

All of our server code resides in this repository. We are using ansible as the underlying technology to install, deploy, configure and manage the various server components.

Documentation has recently moved to the wiki of this repo

Please see the XSCE wiki

Installation procedures are in the process of being reworked to include:

  • Offline install on bare metal from a usb stick
  • Offline install with an iso file
  • Manual install of all or part of the server in combination with either of the above

Full installation instructions are in the wiki of this repo:

Please read the installation documentation.

See the XSCE project for more information about the project.