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Node Should

‘Node Should’ is a(nother) implementation of Shoulda in JavaScript and specifically in the NodeJS runtime environment.

This testing framework is still in an experimental state, but is being developed test-first.

There are most definitely bugs and problems in this code, but it is working well enough for me at the moment. If you encounter an issue, please let me know by messaging me on github . Forks and pull requests are definitely welcome.

The main problem that I set out to solve with this library, is one of composite test environments. I really appreciate how Shoulda enables shared, general setup code and more specific leaves that can take advantage of it.

Another major reason for building this framework was inherently supporting asynchronous tests.

The ad-hoc assertion testing found in the NodeJs library code is obviously good-enough to get by, but suffers from problems with error localization, especially when something asynchronous fails.

To use this framework, take a look at the project in the example/ folder.

You’ll probably want to copy the runner.js file found there into your project, and add the files found in src/ to a folder in your lib/ like, lib/node-should, and get that into your load path.

Once you have taken these two steps, you should be able to run your test harness with:

node runner.js

If you’re interested in more examples of how to write tests using this framework, check out the runner.js and test folder for the framework itself.