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➡️ for Windows
➡️ for Linux

For Windows

This is an archive with blockchain folders for quick synchronization.
In square brackets you will see the date of creation of the archive.

You need to close the wallet and from the folder %appdata%\XVIC delete the folders of the same name, which are in the archive.
Then unzip the folders from the archive to the %appdata%\XVIC folder and start the wallet.

7-ZIP is a file archiver.

1️⃣ Wait for the wallet to complete.

2️⃣ Open any folder. In the address bar, type %appdata%\XVIC and press ENTER

3️⃣ Select the files as in the screenshot and press the DELETE key. Confirm that you want to delete the folders.

4️⃣ Download the archive.

5️⃣ Open archive. Select all files inside the archive. And drag these files with the mouse to the desired folder %appdata%\XVIC

6️⃣ Wait for the copy to finish.
7️⃣ Open your wallet.

For Linux

Type the following commands sequentially if XVIC is configured as a service:
systemctl stop xvic
rm -rf .xvic/blocks/ .xvic/chainstate/ .xvic/sporks/ .xvic/zerocoin/
unzip -d .xvic/
systemctl start xvic
rm -rf


Type the following commands sequentially if XVIC is configured as a daemon:
./xvicd stop
rm -rf .xvic/blocks/ .xvic/chainstate/ .xvic/sporks/ .xvic/zerocoin/
unzip -d .xvic/
./xvicd -daemon
rm -rf

❗️ Wait for full synchronization:
Type xvic-cli getblockcount
Compare the resulting number with the block number in the Explorer. If the blocks match - synchronization is complete. If not match - wait a bit and re-enter the xvic-cli getblockcount command.

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