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Signing Xcode

Since Apple no longer loads 3rd party plugins (in Xcode 8 and above), we have to make change to it. What we have to do overall is to re-codesign Xcode. This allows us to load 3rd party plugins. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Close Xcode

  2. Prepare code sign certificate

    2.1 Open "Keychain Access" (in Applications -> Utilities) and select "login" in the left pane.

    2.2 Select Create a Certificate ( in KeyChain Access -> Certificate Assistant )


    2.3 Input your name (whatever you like) and select "Code Signing" for Certificate Type. Not required but the name is used later in a command line so it could be better to use easily distinguishable name here (I use XcodeSigner here).


Now you have a certificate to code sign.

  1. Re-signing Xcode

    Then in a terminal,

      $ sudo codesign -f -s XcodeSigner /Applications/    (Replace the Xcode path if it is different.)

    This should take a while.

  2. Build XVim

    Go to XVim directory you cloned and build it as usual (Read INSTALL section in

  3. Certificate Expiration

    A self-signed root certificate has a short expire date (1 year). Please check expire date of your certificate XcodeSigner in Keychain Access App. If it expires, please re-create it.

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