A USBStealer program that works in every windows OS, this program extracts all windows passwords
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A USBStealer for Windows that steals credentials from the target machine


  • -> Target Machine with Windows
  • -> Admin Proveleges


  • -> USBCracker.exe (The credential grabber)(Totally Discreet)
  • -> Admin Cracker.exe (Opens a cmd.exe with admin privileges, bypassing admin password)

How to Use:

1st Method

Go to the "USBCracker" folder and open "USBCracker.exe" and wait about 10~15 seconds passwords will be exported to txt files.

2nd Method

If you need Admin password and you forget it just go to the "USBCracker" folder and open the "Admin Cracker.exe". You will be prompt with a "cmd.exe" in Administrator Mode and then type the following:

  • ->(Your Drive Letter):\
  • ->cd USBCracker
  • ->USBCracker.exe