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Clock is a small widget displaying decimal time with automatic reminders to stand, drink and rest your hands.


The clock has two groups of 3 digits, called the beat and the pulse. For example, Noon is 500:000, 6AM is 250:000 and 6PM is 750:000. In the decimal format, the shortest pulse equals to 8.64 milliseconds, the second shortest 86.4 and so on.

1 beat, or 1000 pulses is equivalent to 86.4 seconds, or about 1m44s. This app includes a Pomodoro timer to do a singular focused work lasting 30 beats, or 25.92 minutes.

1 beat = 86.4 seconds
1 second = 1.157 beats



Install npm, download dependencies and start Clock with:

npm install
npm run build_osx


  • Support this project through Patreon.
  • See the License file for license rights and limitations (MIT).