Solidity smart contract library for building dApps connected to the XY Oracle Network
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XY Oracle Network Smart Contract API

Library toolkit for developing dApps connected to the XY Oracle Network. Users can subscribe to webhooks for event listeners from the XY contract using


Installing Ganache as a local, Ethereum blockchain node:

  • Make sure you have Node.js installed, then run npm install -g ganache-cli
  • Then, run ganache-cli. It will start a local Ethereum simulation on port 8545.

Now that you have Ganache, you can clone the xyo-solidity repo and deploy the XY core smart contract to the local node as follows:

  • Install truffle with npm i truffle -g
  • Clone the xyo-solidity repo git clone
  • While ganache is running, compile and deploy the contract: truffle compile && truffle migrate
  • You should see the following in your command line:

Truffle Migrate

You can also run the simple unit tests over the XY.sol file with truffle test

Project Structure

All of the Ethereum smart contracts used are under contracts/, and the compiled JSON artifacts are under dist/contracts/.

Unit tests can be found at test/, and example smart contracts that communicate with the XY contract are under examples/.

The migration scripts are under migrations/.

The gulp files are under gulp/.



  • Basic interface for sending location queries and receiving answers
  • Multiple types of location query


  • Verify answers provided by Diviners


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