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Esquio is a Feature Toggle Library for .NET Developers.
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About Esquio

Esquio is a Feature Toggles (aka Feature Flags) and A/B testing framework for .NET Core 3.0. Feature Toogle is a powerful technique that allows developers to deliver new functionality to users withouth changing code. Provides an alternative to to mantain multiples branches (aka feature branches), so any feature can be tested even before it is completed and ready for the release. We can release a version of our product with not production ready features. These non production ready features are hidden (toggled) for the broader set of users but can be enabled to any subset of testing or internal users we want them to try the features.We can use feature toogling to enable or disable features during run time.

Esquio is built with the possibility of use it not only in ASP.NET Core 3.0 in mind, but making it possible to use also in other .NET Core 3.0 projects like workers, webjobs, classlibraries, ... almost any kind of .NET Core 3.0 project. For the Esquio team, this is not only about using a library, but using a full Feature Toggles framework for all of our projects, and as a delivery mechanism.

We believe Feature Toggling is, somekind, a way of delivering software, making it a first class citizen in your DevOps processes, therefore we are working hard towards integrating it, via extension and pipelines tasks, with Azure DevOps, so you can use Esquio Toggles directly in your releases and delivery flows. Having a full toggle delivery experience.

Esquio Azure DevOps extensions are built in top of the Esquio API, in the case you need to integrate Esquio with any other tool, you can always use this API to handle the toggles.

Additionally, if you need it, Esquio has a full UI developed, so you can be able to handle all your Toggles in it, making it fairly simple to use and manage.

Founded and maintained by Unai Zorrila Castro, Luis Ruiz Pavon, Quique Fdez Guerra and Luis Fraile.

For project documentation, please visit readthedocs.

How to build

Esquio is built against the latest NET Core 3.

  • Install the required .NET Core SDK
  • Run build.ps1 in the root of the repo.
  • To build Esquio UI run npm install and npm run build on Esquio.UI\ClientApp.


Esquio is built using the following great open source projects and free services:

..and last but not least a big thanks to all our contributors!

Code of conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.


NetCore y Feature Flags (Spanish)

MeetUp | NetCore y Feature Flags(Spanish)

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