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Highly portable extremely light-weight password manager that stores all your passwords in a local encrypted file.
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Feather Password Manager

This is a highly portable extremely light-weight password manager that stores all your passwords in a local encrypted file. You can use this either by downloading the latest release and opening index.html, or you can use it at this URL:


  • Load and save password files encrypted with a password
  • Generate random passwords that satisfy the provided criteria. Options include
    • Length requirement
    • Include uppercase letters
    • Include digits
    • Include various punctuation characters
  • Quickly copy passwords to clipboard
  • Manually edit passwords if the random generator doesn't quite get it right
  • No backend server required, just open the index.html file and get started.
  • Responsive Design & Bootstrap 4.1.3



How to get started

The first thing you need to do is create a file. First set a manager password, just type it in to the top most text box. This password will be needed to decrypt your file, so make sure you remember it. Use the bottom most controls to create passwords for various services and save them as you go. When you're done click the "Download current file" button, which will give you "passwords.txt". Then you can use that file with the load file controls in the future to retrieve your passwords or modify the file. File modifications don't save automatically, you'll need to download the file again to save modifications.

Philosophy and objectives

  • Stay under 750 KB
  • Work correctly in as many browsers and on as many devices as possible
  • Extremely responsive, no waiting around
  • High security encryption algorithm (AES)
  • Maintain backwards compatibility with password files output by earlier versions
  • No backend server required, all functionality implemented via local JavaScript.


This project is released under the MIT license, additional dependencies come with their own licenses which are detailed in their files.


I welcome contributions! I also expect any PRs to respect the philosophy and objectives of this project.

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