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$Task = 'default',
$Server = 'localhost',
$Repo = '\\Server\DSCRepo'
# Not-Availiable on servers without WMF5 and Internet access.
# May want to just check for modules and fail if missing if Internet access is restricted.
if (!(Get-Module -Name Pester -ListAvailable)) { Install-Module -Name Pester }
if (!(Get-Module -Name PSake -ListAvailable)) { Install-Module -Name PSake }
if (!(Get-Module -Name PSDeploy -ListAvailable)) { Install-Module -Name PSDeploy }
if (!(Get-Module -Name PSScriptAnalyzer -ListAvailable)) { Install-Module -Name PSScriptAnalyzer }
Invoke-psake -buildFile "$PSScriptRoot\psakeBuild.ps1" `
-taskList $Task `
-parameters @{"Server" = $Server; "Repo" = $Repo} `
exit ( [int]( -not $psake.build_success ) )