IOS101 - Introduction to Xamarin.iOS
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IOS101 - Introduction to Xamarin.iOS

This repository contains exercises for the Xamarin University IOS101 - Introduction to Xamarin.iOS training course.

Xamarin University offers live and self-guided training on app development for Windows, iOS, and Android. Our self-guided courses are free and let you earn credit towards your Xamarin certification. You can upgrade to a full Xamarin University subscription to get unlimited live instructor-led courses from our extensive catalog and take a certification exam. Please visit Xamarin University to learn more or start a trial subscrption.

For simple changes, please submit a pull request.

For complex changes, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a GitHub issue or add a relevant comment to an existing issue.
  2. Create a personal fork of the repository on GitHub.
  3. Create a branch of master on your fork, giving it a descriptive name (e.g., "issue###", with the issue number from above).
  4. Commit any changes to your new branch. Grouping changes related by their commit message would be helpful.
  5. Test any project changes with the course instructions.
  6. Create a new pull request against the upstream repository's master branch.