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A UWP Rating Control drawn by the Composition API.
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A UWP Rating Control drawn by the Composition API.

##NuGet Package To install Rating Control for UWP, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package XamlBrewer.Uwp.Rating

##Properties and Behavior Comes with the following dependency properties:

  • Maximum (int): number of stars, maximum score
  • StepFrequency (double): rounding interval, a percentage (e.g. 0.25)
  • Value (double): current value (from 0 to Maximum)
  • ItemHeight (int): height (and width) of each image in device independent pixels
  • ImagePadding (int): pixels between images
  • FilledImage (uri): path to the filled image
  • EmptyImage (uri): path to the empty image
  • IsInteractive (bool): whether or not the control responds to user input (tapping or sliding)


  • Tap on an image to apply the integral value
  • Slide horizontally over the control to decrease and increase value with StepFrequency

There's a blog post explaining the code right here:

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