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Deadly Alien Map Editor - for 2D and isometric games.
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DAME - Deadly Alien Map Editor
Created by Charles Goatley 2010-2012

Purpose: to assist in the generation and editing of 2d and isometric games with features for tilemap and sprite editing and animation.

DAME is currently built with the free Adobe Flex SDK version 3 with Adobe Air. It has not been tried with version 4 as of writing.

Useful info:

Sometimes when building the project (in FlashDevelop) the following errors will occur:
	Error: Call to a possibly undefined method XX through a reference with static type YY
	Error: Invalid Embed directive in stylesheet - can't resolve source 'Embed...
This can usually be ignored and "fixed" by simply opening the current .css file (currently this is silverStyle.css in the root folder) and "touching it" - eg, make a change, delete that change and then save.
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