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Well, it's been a long time; Many videos of this ZDoom-based TC were recorded and uploaded to YouTube, with the many additions and upgrades, but no other human has been able to try out World of Kirbycraft themselves...

...that has now changed; GitHub now hosts the modified ZDoom source and its data files when a big enough change has been made, plus the pre-compiled Windows executable based on the source code at that point in time.

So, as of today, again, it is official: World of Kirbycraft, although very little is made so far, is released to the public to try out! Currently included are:

  • A test level (map test) and beta first level (map map1) and two special stages, SPECSTG1 and SPECSTG4, the latter being a racetrack!
  • Two playable characters with incomplete weapons and abilities.
  • "Race Mode", accessable through Options (F4) > Miscellaneous > Setup race...; Only one compatible racetrack is in the game, Special Stage 4, and is to an extent mutiplayer-compatible but incomplete.
  • A few incomplete and imbalanced enemies, only summonable (summon troll, summon tiger, summon kdog1, summon kwheel, summon hugetroll).
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