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Drumming Dummy

Drumming Dummy is a simple drum pad with four sounds. It was originally released on http://zetacentauri.com and was downloaded more than 20,000 times before being open-sourced.

Drumming Dummy Screenshot

Clicking the button or typing the key for a drum sound will play that drum's audio.

For a more advanced drum pad application, see http://zetacentauri.com/software_drumpads.htm

To download the pre-built application, get this zip file:


If you'd like to use different sounds with the pre-built version, you'll need to replace the existing sounds with files of the same name.


There is a Visual Studio project included. You'll also need to have the DirectX SDK because the program depends on DirectMusic. And you'll probably have to set the include and library paths in the Visual Studio project to match where you have the DirectX SDK on your system.

Development Status

I do not maintain this application and do not ever intend to update it.