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A simple stock chart viewer for Windows.
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A simple stock chart viewer for Windows. It was originally released as Champion Stock Chart Viewer at and was downloaded more than 6000 times before being open-sourced.

Stock Chart Viewer Screenshot 1

Stock Chart Viewer Screenshot 2

Stock Chart Viewer Screenshot 3

A prebuilt Windows installer is available in the Installer directory:

The Stock Chart Viewer is written using C# and .NET 2.0. It builds and runs on Windows. A project is included for Visual Studio 11. It doesn't have any complicated dependencies, so you can create a project for an earlier version simply by including the source files.

An installer scripts for the Nullsoft Install System (NSIS) is included, but you'll probably have to modify the paths in order for it to work since there are probably file paths that are specific to my development environment.

This program acquires data from Yahoo or Google finance via their web APIs, which could change at any time. Those APIs and data feeds have their own licenses which probably say something about non-commercial use. It's up to you to figure out whether what you're doing is permitted.

Development Status

This application is no longer maintained and I will not accept pull requests. It was an experiment to build a stock charting app using C# and was never a serious product.

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