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A free (as in free speech) video game for the original PlayStation written with PSXSDK.

Screenshot of in-game footage

Another screenshot of in-game footage


Airport is a free (as in freedom) video game for the original Sony Playstation aka PSX. The player puts himself/herself in the role of an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) where inbound and outbound flights must be brought to their destinations safely and within time.

While aiming for an arcade experience, Airport is inspired by real-world procedures used in aviation so those used to realistic flight simulators might enjoy this video game as well. While many features are still missing, the game is in a rather playable state.

Airport is written in C using the mipsel-unknown-elf GNU toolchain and a free SDK called PSXSDK, created by nextvolume. Since the original author stopped developing it, a custom version of the SDK, bringing in new features and bugfixes, is used for this project. A map editor is also available for operating systems supporting Qt.

The game has been successfully tested under real hardware (SCPH-5502 and SCPH-102), pcsxr, pSX and FPSe without major issues. It is also compatible with OpenSend, making it possible to stream game data from a computer over the serial port on the console, allowing quicker development under real hardware.

Running Airport from a prebuilt image

Prebuilt images for common use can be found for each release. These images are tipically distributed as a .bin/.cue file pair that can be used by most PSX emulators out there, and can be also burnt into a CD-r and run under real hardware.

How to build

Airport has moved from a Makefile-based build system towards cmake for convenience, easier deployment and generation of compile_commands.json, useful for improved text completion on some IDEs. cmake >= 3.13 is required. Before building, environment variable PSXSDK_PATH must be set to the path where psxsdk has been installed (e.g.: /usr/local/psxsdk).

Airport can then be built using the typical process in CMake projects:

mkdir build && cd build/
cmake --build .

Once built, two files namely airport.bin and airport.cue inside the build directory (e.g.: build) can be used to play the game on an emulator or burn it into a CD-R to play it into a modchipped console.

On the other hand, the map editor must be built using the Qt framework. Qt Creator automates the process and thus is the recommended way to go.


Airport is licensed under the GPLv3 or later (read LICENSE) unless noted otherwise. Some assets with various permissive licenses are also used - see LICENSE files on each subfolder for further reference.