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RPi-Monitor is an application designed to perform real time monitoring embedded devices.

The development platform is a Raspberry Pi B.

RPi-Monitor provides a lot of feature such as Embedded Web server, Alert messaging, SNMP integration...

For details, refer to keys features of RPi-Monitor in documentation.



See Screenshots chapter of documentation to see more screenshots.


Installation of RPi-Monitor is detailled in getting started chapter of documentation.

Each release can be installed with a Debian package for Raspbian.

For other (unsupported) distribution (such as Gentoo, ArchLinux) refer to Custom installation chapter of documentation.


If you want to install, use or customize RPi-Monitor refer to documentation

If you want to see example of configuration and see what RPi-Monitor can do, refer to RPi-Monitor Usages.

Frequently Asked Question find answer into the FAQ page.


If you want to participate and propose a pull request, refer to contributing chapter of documentation.

Note: Pull request perfomed on develop branch will be integrated as soon as possible. Pull request perform on master branche may only be integrated when a new version is published (or not may not be integrated at all...)

News / License

Latest news : RPi-Experience Blog

License: GPLv3