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Request for collaboration.

I don't have time to manage update to Rpi-Monitor.

The project looks to be used be many people. Some PR need to be reviewed and merged and next version is requiring tests.

If one of you would like to help to manage the project, I'll be happy to grant her/him the right on Rpi-Monitor repository.

I let you contact me if you are interrested.



RPi-Monitor logo


RPi-Monitor is an application designed to perform real time monitoring embedded devices.

The development platform is a Raspberry Pi B.

RPi-Monitor provides a lot of feature such as Embedded Web server, Alert messaging, SNMP integration...

For details, refer to keys features of RPi-Monitor in documentation.



See Screenshots chapter of documentation to see more screenshots.


Installation of RPi-Monitor is detailled in getting started chapter of documentation.

Each release can be installed with a Debian package for Raspbian.

For other (unsupported) distribution (such as Gentoo, ArchLinux) refer to Custom installation chapter of documentation.


If you want to install, use or customize RPi-Monitor refer to documentation

If you want to see example of configuration and see what RPi-Monitor can do, refer to RPi-Monitor Usages.

Frequently Asked Question find answer into the FAQ page.


If you want to participate and propose a pull request, refer to contributing chapter of documentation.

Note: Pull request perfomed on develop branch will be integrated as soon as possible. Pull request perform on master branche may only be integrated when a new version is published (or not may not be integrated at all...)

News / License

Latest news : RPi-Experience Blog

License: GPLv3