@Xavr0k Xavr0k released this Aug 21, 2016


A tool for for editing your chaperone walls and playspace from inside VR


Hold the menu button and move the controller over an icon then release menu button to select it

  • Topleft - Wall edit mode
  • Topright - Playspace edit mode
  • Bottomleft - Undo all changes and revert back to your current chaperone setup
  • Bottomright - Save and apply changes

Press the touchpad to toggle cameraview on or off

The walls/playspace is divided into a 4x4 grid of squares use grip/trigger in the appropriate areas
to make changes. All wall/placespace movements will be relative to the controller that activated
them. For example, if I grab a wall edge, moving the controller 30cm right will move that edge 30cm

Wall edit mode:

  • Grip button in top row - Adjust wall height
  • Grip button in bottom 3 rows - Move nearest wall edge horizontally
  • Trigger in left/right column - Delete the corresponding corner
  • Trigger in middle 2 columns - Split wall into 2 segments at selected position. Keep holding
    the trigger to also move that new edge.

PlaySpace edit mode:

  • Grip button in middle 2 squares along each edge - Adjust width in direction of that edge
  • Grip button in corner squares - Pivot selected corner around opposite corner and resize playspace
    while retaining it's aspect ratio
  • Grip button in centre 4 squares - Move entire playspace horizontally
  • Trigger in centre 4 squares - Adjust floor height
  • Trigger in middle 2 squares along each edge - Orient playspace to face that edge
  • Trigger in corner squares - Pivot selected corner around centre of playspace