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I18n (JavaScript)

Very simple JavaScript library for handling translations. Supports Node.js, Electron and other JavaScript based code runners.


  • Simple modern API with Promises and full Documentation.
  • Support for languages with more than one base language and per language base language overrides.
  • Cached translation chains for quick and recursion free key lookups.

Maintenance, Donations, etc.

This codes maintenance is funded through Patreon. If you think this code is useful to you, consider donating a few bucks.


Licensed under Affero GNU GPLv3. See license.txt for more information.


i18n.js is fully documented using JSDoc, a format IDEs should be able to display. If in any case your IDE is not showing this information, your first reference should be i18n.js, not this readme.


The class that contains all the translation data.

constructor(string defaultLanguage, string baseLanguageKey = '_base')

Creates a new I18n object when called with new I18n('mylanguage'). Will set up internal structures and variables for later use. Throws exceptions.

bool hasLanguage(string language)

Check if a language is known to this I18n object. Returns true if known. Throws exceptions.

createLanguage(string language)

Create a new empty language, or replaces a loaded one with an empty one. Throws exceptions.

Promise(string) loadLanguage(string language, File|Blob|object|string data, string encoding = 'utf-8')

Load a language from a File, Blob, object or string as JSON data, and store it as the language. Returns a Promise, which will resolve once it is done loading and parsing and the result will contain the loaded language name. Throws exceptions.

Promise(string) saveLanguage(string language)

Save a language to a string as JSON data. Returns a Promise which will resolve with the JSON data string once done. Modifying the language before the returned Promise is done can result in corrupt data. Throws exceptions.

destroyLanguage(string language)

Destroy a language, thus clearing any references to data in it. Throws exceptions.

bool clearKey(string language, string key)

Remove a key from a language. Returns true if the key was removed. Throws exceptions.

bool setKey(string language, string key, any value, bool force = true)

Set a key in a language to a new value, optionally overwriting the previous content (defaults to true). Returns true if successful. Throws exceptions.

any getKey(string language, string key)

Get the value of a key in a language. Returns the value of the key if known, otherwise throws an exception.

string translate(string key, string language)

Translate a given key to the language selected. Returns the translated string or the original key if it was not found. Throws exceptions.

Promise domTranslate(string language, string property = 'data-i18n', function resolver = string function(string language, string key, Node element), function applier = bool function(string language, string key, string translated, Node element))

Automatically translate all elements in the current DOM which have the attribute property. Returns a Promise which resolves when the translation is complete. Throws exceptions.