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StreamFX 0.11.0 Beta 2 (Testing)

@Xaymar Xaymar released this
· 15 commits to master since this release
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This is a Testing release!

These releases should never be used in Production workflows, and you take all responsibility for what happens if you do! We can not guarantee functionality, performance or even stability in Testing releases, which is why they should only be used in Test environments. You can find the latest Production-ready release here.

Please read the Installation Guide!

The installation guide covers the required hardware and software to run the plugin, and how to install it through the various options. Please make sure that you have read it in it's entirety before asking for help, as most issues can simply be solved by reading it and actually following all the steps, including installing the necessary prerequisites.

Support StreamFX on Github Sponsors or Patreon!

GitHub Sponsors Patreon The StreamFX project is only possible through your support, either as a translator or as a Supporter on either Patreon or Github. Your support helps keep StreamFX free from Ads, even if it's just translating a few lines per month, or 1$ per month. If continuous support isn't your thing, maybe a one-time donation via PayPal is?

New Features

AV1 Encoder (via AOM) (#616, #643, #654)

The future of video is here! At least in part, as encoding AV1 is still much slower than x265 is and quality isn't quite up to par with other encoders. But now you too have a way to counter the argument that AV1 encoding in real time isn't possible, because it quite literally is now possible - assuming you have an AMD Ryzen 5800X or better, or the Intel equivalent of that.

Corner Pin for 3D Transform (#677)

Fit any 4 sided shape into any other 4 sided shape, without all the parameter twiddling until it looks right! Just move the source to the right area, add the 3D Transform filter, specify the exact location of each corner, and watch it automatically figure out the rest for you. No extra work required, no parameter fiddling, just set up and go. Take a look at the examples to see what is all possible with it: Dual-Monitor, CRT

Auto-Framing (#686, #692, #693)

Are you tired of manually cropping your video feed for every scene? Then this filter will help you! Auto-Framing provides automatic tracking and cropping according to a number of user set parameters to simulate what it is like to have a professional camera operator follow you on stage. This was previously called NVIDIA Face Tracking but has been refactored for much more functionality and potentially other future features.

Denoising Filter (#622, #648, #649, #650, #651, #677, #683)

Tired of noisy cameras and video feeds? Then start removing the noise with the new Denoising filter! It can remove light and heavy noise from video feeds with ease and restore the most of the original image with high accuracy, without destroying too much of the original texture too. Perfect for those streams in dark rooms! Check out some examples here: Room Camera

Upscaling Filter (#546, #595, #622, #648, #649, #650, #651, #652, #677, #683, #684)

Get that extra bit of high definition out of everythin with the Upscaling filter! Whether it's a low resolution Capture Card, cheap Camera or even old stream recordings, this filter can help get an extra half pixel per pixel into your scenes. The image will look strikingly similar to the real higher resolution image, but a trained eye will still be able to notice the upscaling - it's not magic, just math. Have some Examples: FFXIV#1, FFXIV#2, Gandalf, CitW.

Virtual Greenscreen (#680)

Is a real greenscreen out of reach, but you have enough hardware power to throw at the problem? Then this is for you! Using state-of-the-art technology, we can now tell apart what is the foreground and background, and cut away everything that isn't supposed to be there. Most of the time at least.

Fixes and Improvements

StreamFX now requires OBS Studio 27.0.0 (or higher)! (#561)

As we always say to keep everything up to date, the latest version of StreamFX now requires that OBS Studio 27.0.0 (or higher) is being used. If you haven't already updated, now is the time to do so, as you will most likely save us and yourself time by just fulfilling the System Requirements of StreamFX.

Shaders now support Textures! (#659)

Texture support for Shaders is back! Thanks to @coolsoftrf, you can now use Textures as parameters again, even allowing users to pick textures from a list that you may be shipping with your shader itself. Previously impossible effects should now be possible with ease, and many shaders that used to take an incredible amount of GPU power should now take a fraction of the time. To celebrate this, we even added the Displacement Mapping filter as a Shader example.

3D Transform's Mip-Mapping feature now produces better images! (#677, #705, #722)

An old feature sees new light! Mip-Mapping in 3D Transform has gotten a significant quality improvement and should now be way more readable - both to you and viewers - instead of producing weird only blurry blobs and smudges. This improvements comes at a slight increase in GPU usage, but if you have Mip-Mapping on you probably don't care about that anyway. Also, OpenGL users (mostly Linux and MacOS) can now enjoy Mip-mapping as well!

The Windows Installer now supports Portable installations! (#665, #672)

The new Installer brings back portable Installations to StreamFX which had been removed at the start of 2021 due to an increase in poorly researched video guides. You can now select between a Static installation, which you've been using up until now, and a Portable installation, which lacks any of the features that are tied to the system. The 'Portable' installation disables the uinstaller, start menu entries, registry entires, and any automatic detection for fast updating of StreamFX.

New Anti-Aliasing Shaders! (#716, #725)

To showcase the power of StreamFX shaders, we've ported over two of the most common Anti-Aliasing methods available today: FXAA and SMAA! While their usage is anything but simple, they are great examples into what is and isn't possible within OBS - at least if you understand the tools you are given.

New Shader Examples! (#584, #539)

As Shaders get more and more powerful, more examples are needed to show just what you can do with them, and 0.11 brings a number of new examples to use. @Radegast-FFXIV brought us "Swirl", "Bulge/Pinch", "Wave", "ZigZag" filters and @carlosbaraza brought us a "Rounded Rect" filter.

Gaussian Blur now matches actual Gaussian Blur! (#573, #572)

Back when Gaussian Blur was implemented, I attempted to optimize the quality and calculation time, not realizing that doing so actually made the Gaussian Blur implementation no longer function as Gaussian Blur. This has now been fixed, and the Gaussian Blur type now matches the reference implementation. Here is a before and after (Left: StreamFX, Right: Reference).

Dynamic Mask no longer creates recursive references! (#663)

With Dynamic Mask it was possible to create a recursive reference by setting it to refer to its own parent source, or simply leaving the field blank. As this should be impossible in normal operation, libOBS doesn't prevent this from happening at all - and as such those Sources would persist across Collections. The underlying bug should now be fixed, and any affected Collections should allow deleting the duplicated Source now.

Detailed Changelog

  • Fixed 3D Transforms Mip-Mapping no longer working correctly in Direct3D. (#722)
  • Fixed some Shader examples not working correctly. (#723)
  • Fixed some Shaders not rendering correctly. (#724)
  • Added Sub-Pixel Morpholical Anti-Aliasing to the available Shader examples. (#725)
  • Added Auto-Framing. (#686)
  • Fixed rare at-exit crash from Auto-Framing, Virtual Greenscreen and Upscaling filters. (#688)
  • Fixed being unable to load libraries when the installation path contains characters outside of the current code page. (#689)
  • Improved performance of NVIDIA® Maxine based effects slightly. (#690)
  • Fixed a number of problems with the NVIDIA® Maxine wrappers. (#690)
  • Fixed being unable to load some libraries on Windows only. (#699)
  • Fixed FFmpeg encoder putting Chroma location at Center instead of Top. (#700)
  • Added a simple Shader pre-processor. (#701)
  • Fixed some DirectShow devices lacking their proper settings window. (#683)
  • Added Virtual Greenscreen. (#680)
  • Added Corner Pin to 3D Transform. (#677)
  • Improved Mip-Mapping for 3D Transform, it now produces less aliasing. (#677)
  • Removed Compliance and Color Format settings from all FFmpeg Encoders. (#673)
  • Fixed Windows Installer not offering a path selection page on first 'Static' installation. (#672)
  • Fixed Windows Uninstaller not having the correct icon. (#672)
  • Fixed Windows Installer recommending 'Portable' over 'Static' installations. (#672)
  • Fixed Windows Installer looking for a 32-bit OBS Studio installation. (#672)
  • Fixed AV1 Encoder not setting appropriate default values. (#654)
  • Fixed AV1 Encoder having larger Bitrate overshoot range than allowed. (#654)
  • Updated libAOM to v3.2.0 with all its new improvements. (#660)
  • Fixed NVENC (via FFmpeg) applying VBR settings in CBR mode. (#661)
  • Fixed NVENC (via FFmpeg) hiding QP Minimum/Maximum in CBR mode. (#661)
  • Fixed NVENC (via FFmpeg) constantly replacing settings with old settings when upgrading from 0.8.0 and earlier. (#661)
  • Added Reference Frames setting to NVENC (via FFmpeg). (#661)
  • Fixed FFmpeg Encoders logging incorrect strings for enumeration based settings. (#662)
  • Fixed Dynamic Mask generating recursive filter graphs. (#663)
  • Added 'Portable' installation method to the Windows Installer (#665)
  • Updated StreamFX links in the menu to point at the new resources. (#666)
  • Fixed NVIDIA Super Resolution simply breaking instead of selecting a proper scale factor. (#652)
  • Fixed Upscaling and Denoising destroying the Alpha channel of Sources. (#651)
  • Fixed Upscaling and Denoising using the wrong Source Identifiers. (#650)
  • Fixed Denoising processing the exact same image twice. (#649)
  • Fixed Denoising not working with Async Sources and large Sources. (#648)
  • Updated translations from Crowdin. (#639, #647)
  • Updated libAOM to v.3.1.2-882-03b6f69. (#643)
  • Added example filter shader "Rounded Rect" by @carlosbaraza. (#539)
  • Added AV1 encoder based on libAOM. (#616)
  • Added example filter shader "Swirl" by @Radegast-FFXIV. (#618)
  • Added Denoising filter using NVIDIA® Maxine. (#622)
  • Updated translations from Crowdin. (#594, #600, #601, #607, #634, #635, #638)
  • Unified the logging system to the same across all files (#623, #632)
  • Renamed "Video Super-Resolution" to "Upscaling". (#622)
  • Fixed Upscaling having incorrect key(s) listed in locate files. (#637)
  • Fixed a crash due to reusing varargs. (#632)
  • Fixed a number of leaked exceptions. (#597, #622, #623)
  • Fixed Upscaling missing its UI when not fully initialized. (#622)
  • Fixed references to NVIDIA missing the required ®. (#641)
0.11.0a3 (and earlier)