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@Xaymar Xaymar released this Apr 1, 2019

Please use the most up to date version of StreamFX! You can find it here.

It is finally time for Version 0.5.0 to be released to the general public after it has spent a month in Early Access on my Patreon! This version brings along a lot of needed fixes, performance improvements and new features. And most of this was done in the total work time of 3 months, in which the main task was fixing bugs, crashes and leaked sources.

After that, lots of time was spent optimizing Filters and Sources so they no longer cause top of the line GPUs to barely be able to render at 60 fps. This was mainly done with optimizations to the actual shader code and by caching the result of the render for each frame, instead of rendering it anew each time. This makes Studio mode, the Properties view and the Filter editor no longer cause a frame drop.

And finally, a few new Features have been added. Source Mirror now has Audio Mirroring and proper rescaling, Blur Filter supports masking and Directional Blur and 3D Transform now has mipmapping. And there is also a new kind of Filter: Signed Distance Field Effects! This Filter can be used to apply a shadow to a source, as long as there is any kind of transparency as it works by dynamically creating a Signed Distance Field which is faster than normal blur, and allows for a lot more effects.



  • The plugin now features a brand new Installer similar to the one present in the AMD Encoder for OBS Studio plugin. This should simplify installing the plugin a lot.
  • Backwards compatibility up to Version 21.x has been restored, which means that you can now use newer OBS Studio versions as well as older ones, but a newer OBS Studio will run better.
  • Translations can now be submitted via CrowdIn! Translate Stream Effects into your language today!

Source Mirror Source

  • Added Audio Mirroring which allows applying filters to an audio signal of a mirrored source.
  • Added support for Rescaling similar to that which OBS Studio supports.
  • Fixed various source leaks that caused issues, such as crashing or not allowing Video Capture Source to release the device.
  • Fixed various crashes due to missing references with Sources that only have Audio or Video.
  • Now supports cached results per frame to reduce GPU and CPU usage each frame.

Blur Filter

  • Added support for masking with various mask inputs, such as region, image, source, or scene. This can be used to create effects like this or this (by DTOX).
  • Added linear sampling versions of Box and Gaussian Blur which uses about 50% less GPU.
  • Added Directional Blur which can be used for something similar to Motion Blur.
  • Added Step Scaling which allows lower blur sizes to affect a larger area.
  • Fixed the Gaussian Blur kernel size not matching up with the actual range of the blur, resulting in a box effect instead of a smooth blur. Compare the old behavior with the new behavior for this sample image to get an idea of what it changes.
  • Optimized various shader invocations to use arrays instead of textures.
  • Now supports cached results per frame to reduce GPU and CPU usage each frame.

3D Transform Filter

  • Added Mip-Mapping to reduce aliasing and pixel flickering for angled, scaled, stretched, squished, sheared or otherwise transformed source. This option is only available for DirectX currently and still considered Experimental.
  • Fixed the squishing/scaling bug when the input Source unexpectedly changed.
  • Fixed various crashes due to lost references and invalid pointers.
  • Now supports cached results per frame to reduce GPU and CPU usage each frame.

Displacement Filter

  • Improved quality by no longer relying on bootleg versions of PS2.0 instructions.

Signed Distance Field Effects Filter

  • A new effect that allows for many types of effects, such as Shadows, Stroke/Outline, Glow and more. It uses a dynamically created Signed Distance Field which allows for much higher accuracy and quality, but is not able to quickly catch up to sudden changes at full resolution.
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