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@Xaymar Xaymar released this May 2, 2019

Please use the most up to date version of StreamFX! You can find it here.

The big blur rework has finally reached an end, because today I present to you the new, more efficient, better Blur design! It comes with a new blur type called Dual Filtering, which can do the same work as Gaussian Area blur, but at much less cost.

Two new blur subtypes are also now available, called Rotational and Zoom blur, which can be used to simulate a rolling camera or a forward/backward moving camera. Clever uses of this can result in some really nice art for the background, especially if you have some sort of visualizer. The maximum blur size has also been increased from 25 to 127.

Next is Source Mirror, which has now gained the ability to mirror Scenes without requiring OBS Studio v23.x or newer, and no longer freezes OBS Studio when you open the filters dialog with audio mirroring enabled. It also stops rendering video if there is nothing to actually render, and will no longer cause audio stuttering or skipping if audio mirroring is enabled.



  • Added new translations from CrowdIn. Huge thank you to all the contributors, you can take part in translating the project too if you have some spare time.
  • Reduced general plugin overhead by reducing the amount of events being listened to.
  • (Update 2) Updated translations from Crowdin.
  • (Update 3) Fixed source tracking not updating when sources are renamed.
  • (Update 3) Fixed log spam when a source can no longer be found.

Blur Filter

  • Completely redesigned the UI to allow new options without having to hardcode them.
  • Added Dual Filtering blur which is an approximation of Gaussian blur that uses around 98% less GPU resources and thus is capable of larger blur sizes.
  • Added Rotational blur, which can be used to simulate rolling a camera in place.
  • Added Zoom blur, which can be used to simulate moving a camera forward or backward.
  • Added an empty entry to the masking sources list.
  • Increased the maximum blur size for most Blur types to 127 from 25.

Displacement Filter

  • (Update 2) Fixed a crash when a zero-length filename was given.
  • (Update 2) Fixed a crash when the selected file could not be found.

Source Mirror Source

  • Added support for mirroring scenes as well as sources. This is a backwards compatible change and does not require the new libOBS v23.x API.
  • Fixed a freeze that happened with audio mirroring and opening the filters dialog for the Source Mirror source.
  • Fixed a freeze that happened with audio mirroring and opening the filters dialog for the mirrored source.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sources with no size or no video to still attempt to render.
  • Fixed audio stuttering and skipping with audio mirroring, which was caused by naively assuming that there is enough CPU time to do both capture and mirror in the same millisecond.
  • (Update 1) Fixed Source Mirror rendering offscreen since v0.6.0.
  • (Update 1) Fixed an at-exit crash due to the new audio mirroring code introduced in v0.6.0.

Transform Filter

  • (Update 2) Position, Rotation, Scale and Shear properties now have a proper description.
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