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@Xaymar Xaymar released this Sep 3, 2019

Please use the most up to date version of StreamFX! You can find it here.

Tired of always using the same filters and sources? Why not just write your own using the brand new Custom Shaders! While still experimental, they will be fully working in a future update - if at all possible, that remains to be seen.

Or how about getting some professional Color Grading in your stream or recording? The new filter allows you to adjust Lift, Gain, Gamma, Offset, Tint, Hue Shift, Saturation, Lightness and Contrast live on air, and get some really cool new stuff working. Just take a look at this before and after to see what is possible with this!

As OBS Studio v24.0.0-rc2 seems to have finalized the dependency changes, this version only supports v24.0.0-rc2 and up now. It also fixes a lot of crashes that have been reported in the past few weeks, thanks to everyone that actually stayed and helped debug the crash and then test the fix. Wouldn't have been possible without you!


  • Fixed a crash due to Dynamic Mask being unable to render one or more textures.
  • Fixed a crash due to Signed Distance Fields failing to update or render.
  • Fixed a crash when Displacment Map has no displacement texture path.
  • Fixed a crash when Shaders fail to load.
  • Updated libobs to v24.0.0-rc2.
  • Updated translations from CrowdIn.
  • Added the ability to change Source Mirrors alignment when rescaling.

Unstable, possibly broken changes

  • Added a new Color Grading filter which can be used to essentially gain access to a professional color grading tool.
  • Added Custom Shaders as Filters and Sources, though partially broken at this moment.
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