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@Xaymar Xaymar released this Dec 22, 2019 · 356 commits to master since this release

Please do not use pre-release builds in production! For production use, always use the latest stable release.

Happy Holidays everyone! To celebrate the next week, a new StreamFX (renamed from Stream Effects) pre-release is in order.

First and most important is the rename from Stream Effects to StreamFX. Due to name collisions with Stream Elements and people unfortunately sending me support request for Stream Elements, I've decided to rename the plugin to StreamFX. Read more about it here. Additionally 32-Bit releases are deprecated and are no longer supported.

Next up is Color Grade, which has received a lot of love since 0.7.2. The UI was improved massively, and you can now control what Color Grade considers Shadow, Midtone and Highlights. Not only that, but it has also been moved from Experimental to Stable, which means it won't change drastically anymore and is now production ready.

Then we have lots of fixes and performance improvements. Large parts of it are just to gracefully fail instead of crashing, but that's still better than crashing. Some freezes were also fixes, while others are pending investigation to figure out a fix. The performance improvements should be immediately visible and result in around 10-15% less CPU and 2-5% less GPU usage.

And finally there is the one and only Custom Shaders integration. These have gone through many refactors, redesigns and at times even being marked for death and removal. But now they are back, and they are faster and have more features than ever before! The new implementation allows for a much more versatile shader system, including dynamic property updates when changing the technique in a shader, watching a shader file for changes, and more.

At the moment only Custom Shader sources are supported, but this will change once the underlying implementation is complete, upon which the work on filters will begin. Check out the roadmap to see upcoming planned changes and around when they will be done.


This is a Pre-Release and not ready for production use.

  • Important: The plugin was renamed to StreamFX, users that manually installed this plugin (or manually built it) must ensure that the old obs-stream-effects files are removed before installing the new version.
  • Deprecated 32-Bit versions of the plugin. You don't have an excuse to be on 32-bit anymore, hardware has gotten dirt cheap thanks to AMD Ryzen. You can get a barebone modern PC for around 260 €, or upgrade your existing one for around 140 €.
  • Added additional options for Tint control to Color Grade, allowing fine tuning of what is Shadow, Midtone and Highlight.
  • Added GPU debug markers to most of the code which allow GPU debuggers like NVIDIA Nsight to show the exact time taken for each effect step.
  • Added a new example shader: Plasma. This effect simulates old school plasma effects and showcases some of the features of Custom Shaders.
  • Added a temporary workaround for a bug in OBS Studio to ensure that StreamFX does not crash or corrupt OBS Studio's memory. A fix to OBS Studio has already been submitted and is waiting on Review.
  • Updated translations from Crowdin: de-DE, es-Es, fr-FR, it-IT, ja-JP, nl-NL, pl-PL, ru-RU, sv-SE, zh-CN. Much thanks to all the contributors on Crowdin!
  • Improved Custom Shader Sources by adding support for automated file reloading, dynamic parameter updates, and various UI improvements.
  • Improved stability drastically by gracefully handling all unexpected exceptions and refactoring a lot of code.
  • Improved performance drastically by no longer always caching sources and ensuring that some code hotspots don't duplicate heap data on call.
  • Moved all examples from data/ to data/examples/.
  • Fixed a few crashes caused by the Graphics Subsystem Wrapper (GSW).
  • Fixed a freeze with Source Mirror when retrieving the size of a mirrored Source.
  • Fixed rescaling size in Source Mirror when "Use Original Size for Transform" is active.
  • Fixed filters messing with source sizes when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a freeze caused by Directional Gaussian Blur (#83, #85).
  • Removed Custom Shader Filters temporarily, they will return later.
  • Removed AppVeyor Continuous Integration in favor of GitHub Actions. You can now download bleeding edge builds from here by clicking on the commit, then clicking on Artifacts, and then selecting either windows-2016 (Windows 7) or windows-2019 (Windows 10 or up to date Windows 7).
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