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@Xaymar Xaymar released this Mar 7, 2020 · 282 commits to master since this release

Please do not use pre-release builds in production! For production use, always use the latest stable release.

StreamFX is back, and this time it's less crash-happy with even more features! FFmpeg Encoder has finally been fully merged, although in a slightly more advanced state than the last plugin release, and many sources and filters have received a much needed stability improvement. Let's go through each change.

First is Source Mirror which has lost the ability to rescale internally, but in exchange gained severely improved Audio handling. It can now detect audio channels almost perfectly without requiring manual override, should be much less laggy and have much lower CPU impact.

Next up is Dynamic Mask and Blur, which both should no longer crash on various occasions. Time will tell if that is the truth, but for now I could no longer repro any of the crashes that have been detected before. This should also fix any left-over sources being added to scene collections which would cause crash-loops due to duplicate names or even invalid content.

Finally there is the FFmpeg Encoder merge, which was announced a while ago and has finally been completed. For hardware encoders there is no longer a separate entry for software encoding, instead all of it is in a single entry and it is automatically determined if you want software or hardware encoding. Furthermore additional options and default values have been made available to you, so you should take a look at them if you have used the encoders before. Even if you did not use it before, the new encoders might still end up useful for you.

As for Custom Shader, while it has been improved, it is still very experimental. There is currently no guarantee that it won't just rip your face off and eat it as it is in a very broken state at the moment. Use with caution, or rather avoid it unless you want to test it. It is absolutely not production ready and in a constant state of change.


This is a Pre-Release and not ready for production use.

  • Added FFmpeg Encoders which expose various encoders available in FFmpeg to you with a neat, easy to use UI (if you can read tooltips). You will find them available under either Streaming or Recording, depending on the codec you want to encode. This integration is slightly different from the one in obs-ffmpeg-encoder, so the two plugins will clash and you should remove obs-ffmpeg-encoder ahead of time using its uninstaller entry.
  • Improved Custom Shaders further, however these are still very experimental. Expect these to crash, corrupt or otherwise eat your setup in unexpected ways, and also expect these to change wildly.
  • Improved Audio Mirroring in Source Mirror by relying on a global thread pool instead of a thread per source, drastically reducing the total CPU load in massive setups.
  • Removed scaling from Source Mirror which was mostly broken anyway, so please use any of the available filters instead.
  • Fixed a possible crash in multi-core systems caused by event callbacks.
  • Fixed various crashes and corruptions caused by Source Mirror, Dynamic Mask and Blur.
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