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@Xaymar Xaymar released this Sep 25, 2020 · 43 commits to master since this release

Version 0.9 brings several much needed fixes as well as improvements, from user experience changes in NVENC to internal fixes to improve plugin and libOBS stability. Let's go over the major changes:

Integrated update checking!

Tired of having to manually refresh the plugin page in the browser to find new updates? Well look no further than this new addition! The plugin now includes a manual and automated way to check for updates, entirely within OBS! You can even select which update channel you want to be notified for.

FFmpeg Encoders are now available on Linux!

The user friendly FFmpeg Encoder interface is now also available on Linux systems, enabling Linux users to also get the best possible quality out of their system. While zero-copy is not supported due to a libOBS limitation, everything else should work as expected.

Improved user interface for NVIDIA NVENC encoders!

The user interface for NVIDIA NVENC (via FFmpeg) encoders was slightly changed to improve the user experience. Some unsupported values have been permanently removed until a newer NVENC generation adds them to the hardware.

Randomization support in Custom Shaders!

Improve your custom shaders by adding a bit of a random variation to them! Shaders now have access to 16 pseudo-random values which can be used to add some flair to the shader of your choice. Don't stick with boring static shaders, enhance them with a bit of variation!

New custom shader examples!

Thanks to @Oncorporation and @robmoggach, we now have additional custom shader examples, readily available for you to use! @Oncorporation added extra techniques to the "Luma Burn" effect, and @robmoggach ported this ShaderToy to StreamFX. Huge shoutout to them for submitting these additions!

Please make sure to read the Installation Guide!

The installation guide covers the required hardware and software to run the plugin, and how to install it through the various options. Please make sure that you have read it in it's entirety before asking for help, as most issues can simply be solved by reading it and actually following all the steps, including installing the necessary prerequisites.

Support the project on Patreon, Github or Twitch!

The StreamFX project is only possible through your financial support! If StreamFX has helped you achieve a unique look in your stream, consider supporting it continuously on Patreon, Github or Twitch - or consider a one time donation via PayPal. Every single bit helps!



  • Added a manual and automated way for update checking to be performed. (#325)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the internal thread pool to keep a reference to the work until new work was available. (#327)
  • Fixed support for disambiguations in the UI translation module. (#328)
  • Fixed a mismatched icon in the About StreamFX window. (#329, #336)


  • Fixed a Windows exclusive crash in FFmpeg Encoders that prevented the use of some encoders. (#307)
  • Fixed encoders being listed on platforms that don't even have the necessary hardware for them. (#312)
  • Added a new Concentric Rings shadertoy effect, thanks to @robmoggach. (#310)
  • Added Linux support for software-assisted FFmpeg Encoders. Zero-Copy is missing functionality in libOBS. (#313)


  • Fixed a potential null pointer exception crash. (#302)
  • Fixed several memory leaks that weren't discovered until now. (#288, #289, #292)
  • Fixed FFmpeg Encoder not falling back to non-zero-copy mode if zero-copy fails to initialize. (#296)
  • Fixed incorrect values being written to the log file by NVENC handlers. (#298)
  • Fixed unhandled FFmpeg Encoders being shown. (#296)
  • Updated the Discord link to the new dedicated server for all StreamFX content and help. (#286)
  • Updated the "About StreamFX" window with the current supporters and contributors. (#287)
  • Updated Ubuntu support to 20.04.
  • Added additional shadertoy effects thanks to @Oncorporation. (#270)
  • Improved the Windows installer, which now automatically installs the necessary MSVC Redistributable, and has received a modern UI. (#275)
  • Removed level 5.2 from FFmpeg Encoder's NVENC H.264 as the underlying implementation doesn't support it. (#300)


  • Fixed Shader filters not rendering at the correct resolution. (#262)
  • Fixed Shader filters occasionally turning invisible for no reason. (#265)
  • Fixed Source Mirror sources being invisible on launch in most cases. (#264)
  • Added version information to binary files again. (#242)
  • Added proxy sources and encoders for improved support of old configurations. (#246, #249)
  • Added a new float4x4 Random parameter for Shaders to use, which is automatically filled with seeded random values that are generated per-instance, per-activation or per-frame. (#266)
  • Increased the maximum Shader resolution from 8192x8192 to 16384x16384. (#262)
  • Improved the user experience for the FFmpeg Encoder NVENC encoders. (#268)
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