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@Xaymar Xaymar released this Dec 4, 2020 · 54 commits to master since this release

Notable Changes and Information

Unicode Support

The majority of features in StreamFX now support Unicode paths, fixing the issues many people had with the Updater and About StreamFX dialog appearing every single time. This might also explain some odd crashes where users had correctly installed the plugin, but the plugin would crash anyway.

Shader filters and Source Mirror sources now support duplication!

Both the Shader filter as well as the Source Mirror source used to ignore the settings given to it when they were created, which is no longer the case. This should fix support for the obs-WebSocket plugin, which relied on this working, as well as Studio Mode in its default configuration.

Dynamic Mask can now use Sources in inactive Scenes!

The filter previously did not inform the referenced Source that it is visible and needs to update as well as render, resulting in a static frame or nothing at all being displayed for certain sources. With this update, Dynamic Mask should be able to use any Source or Scene, no matter in what scene it may be.

Other Changes

  • Shader sources/filters/transitions should now only render once per tick, instead of rendering once per view. This may result in a drastic reduction in Shader GPU usage and CPU usage, possibly allowing higher framerates if one of those sources was used.
  • A bug in the Qt5 version that OBS Studio ships (until version 26.1) caused the dialog that asks for permission to connect to GitHub to make the parent window unusable if the dialog was opened at a later point in time. This could be achieved by refusing the first dialog, and then checking for updates using the menu, making OBS Studio entirely unusable. Edit: Yes, this fixes the updater dialog blocking the use of OBS Studio.
  • The Inno Setup installer now looks for additional installation paths for both the plugin as well as OBS Studio, no longer attempts to run in 64-bit on 32-bit only systems, removes the old plugin before moving on to install the new one, and also installs the MSVC redistributables before moving on to installing the plugin.
  • Loading the plugin should now be slightly faster due to further optimizations on often used code.
  • Using the "sliding-bars.effect" transition shader example should no longer result in a black screen due to a typo.

Please make sure to read the Installation Guide!

The installation guide covers the required hardware and software to run the plugin, and how to install it through the various options. Please make sure that you have read it in it's entirety before asking for help, as most issues can simply be solved by reading it and actually following all the steps, including installing the necessary prerequisites.

Support the project on Github, Patreon or Twitch!

The free version of StreamFX is only possible with continuous financial support! If StreamFX is making your creator life easier, please support the development on Github, Patreon or Twitch! Alternatively, if you don't like continuous support, consider a one-time donation via PayPal.

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