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@Xaymar Xaymar released this Mar 21, 2020 · 270 commits to master since this release

Please do not use pre-release builds in production! For production use, always use the latest stable release.

OBS Studio Version 25 is out and with it comes the need for an updated StreamFX plugin that is compatible with it. Not only that but some outstanding and new bugs have been fixed, which should help with stability compared to 0.8.0a2. Let's go into detail on some of the fixes.

First is 3D Transform which had a discoloration bug that caused transparent source to look vastly different from their actual look. This was likely introduced somewhere after 0.7.1 and has now been fixed, which should be immediately visible upon starting OBS Studio with the new plugin version installed.

And second is Source Mirror, which has received three fixes. Audio Mirroring should now work instantly instead of every second configuration update and audio should now be mirrored in the order that it was captured. Lastly a new freeze that happens with OBS Studio v25 was also fixed.


  • Updated support for libOBS v25.0.1 and newer.
  • Fixed 3D Transform causing discoloration in transparent sources. (#104)
  • Fixed audio jitters caused by audio mirroring in Source Mirror happening out of order. (#111)
  • Fixed a common freeze new to libOBS v25 caused by Source Mirror.
  • Fixed audio mirroring only working every second configuration update in Source Mirror.
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