Multi-Generation Blam Engine Research Tool
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Multi-Generation Blam Engine Research Tool

An Xbox 360 capable of running unsigned code is required, for Xbox 360 supported games, in order to use modifications created with Assembly. Flashed disc drives will not work.

This repository does not support files belonging to Halo Online. For Halo Online support, the most recent and active fork as of this writing can be found here

Assembly is a free, open-source Halo cache file (.map) editor that was built from the ground up. It allows users to create and distribute creative patches for game content.

Assembly was designed with three goals in mind:

  • Flexibility - Assembly is capable of opening files targeted for Halo 2: Vista, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4. And includes a system which allows users to add in support for other formats with ease.
  • Speed - Spend more time researching and less time waiting for trivial tasks to complete. Even the largest tags load extremely quickly with invisible fields enabled, and the meta editor's search feature allows users to find values with ease.
  • Usability - Built using Windows Presentation Foundation and utilizing modern UI design concepts, Assembly is both easy to use and easy to look at.


Stable releases are made available through GitHub's release system.


See Compiling Assembly from Source.

Bug Reports

Assembly isn't perfect. If you encounter any issues, you are encouraged to submit bug reports through our issue tracker. Please make your reports as detailed as possible. Be sure to include any exception messages you get (if any), what map the error occurred on, and give steps showing how we can reproduce the behavior you encountered.