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A pure Java test automation demo suite utilizing the Neodymium Library.
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This repository demonstrates how to use our Neodymium library to set up a maintainable and well structured test automation project. Furthermore we use the Wiki on the Neodymium library project to show and explain how to use features from Neodymium library. We also give insight how we think a test automation project should be structured and what results you should get out of it.


Within this example project we demonstrate how to set up and implement a test automation project using Selenide. You can find information about Selenide within our Wiki.

How to try it out

This will be a short introduction how to get it running.


You will need the following technologies available to try it out:

  • Git
  • Maven 3+
  • JDK 8
  • IDE of your choice
  • Web browser's of your choice and their respective WebDrivers

Get and run Posters

Posters is a web shop for demo purposes build by Xceptance. We use it throughout all our software products to demonstrate their capabilities within a simple and stable environment.

  1. Download latest XLT here.
  2. Goto [downloadPathXlt]/samples/app-server/bin/
  3. Start with: ./
  4. Goto https://localhost:8443/posters/ to check if it is running

Get yourself a free copy

Simply clone or fork this project.

IDE way of doing

  1. Import the project as Maven project
  2. Set up your WebDrivers
  3. Goto posters.neodymium.tests.smoke
  4. Run as JUnit test.

Get into the Console

  1. Open a console of your choice
  2. Goto the project folder
  3. Run mvn clean test

Test out Allure reports

Please check our Wiki to get all info you need.


If you like our ideas and you would like to start a test automation project using the Neodymium library. We prepared a template that can be used as "Hello World" tutorial and is a good starting point for your own project.

Check out Neodymium template.



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