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Adding snippet for __weak self reference (thanks @jasongregori)

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1 parent 7895c51 commit 3ab388dcb51223caefe20385b293d395c2852d4f @mattt mattt committed May 29, 2012
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+// __weak self
+// Declare weak referece to self
+// Platform: All
+// Language: Objective-C
+// Completion Scope: Function or Method
+__weak __typeof(&*self)weakSelf = self;

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I don't know why I just now saw this but, nice!


May I ask why not just
__weak __typeof(self)weakself = self;

What's the difference by adding "&*" before self in __typeof?


That didn't work before. According to this stack overflow post this was fixed in Xcode 4.4: So this should be updated.

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