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package derpigo
import (
Image is an image on the Booru.
type Image struct {
ID int `json:"id"`
CreatedAt time.Time `json:"created_at"`
UpdatedAt time.Time `json:"updated_at"`
DuplicateReports []*DuplicateReport `json:"duplicate_reports"`
FirstSeenAt time.Time `json:"first_seen_at"`
UploaderID interface{} `json:"uploader_id"`
FileName string `json:"file_name"`
Description string `json:"description"`
Uploader string `json:"uploader"`
Image string `json:"image"`
Score int `json:"score"`
Upvotes int `json:"upvotes"`
Downvotes int `json:"downvotes"`
Faves int `json:"faves"`
CommentCount int `json:"comment_count"`
Tags string `json:"tags"`
TagIds []int64 `json:"tag_ids"`
Width int `json:"width"`
Height int `json:"height"`
AspectRatio float64 `json:"aspect_ratio"`
OriginalFormat string `json:"original_format"`
MimeType string `json:"mime_type"`
Sha512Hash string `json:"sha512_hash"`
OrigSha512Hash string `json:"orig_sha512_hash"`
SourceURL string `json:"source_url"`
Representations struct {
ThumbTiny string `json:"thumb_tiny"`
ThumbSmall string `json:"thumb_small"`
Thumb string `json:"thumb"`
Small string `json:"small"`
Medium string `json:"medium"`
Large string `json:"large"`
Tall string `json:"tall"`
Full string `json:"full"`
} `json:"representations"`
IsRendered bool `json:"is_rendered"`
IsOptimized bool `json:"is_optimized"`
Interactions []interface{} `json:"interactions"`
DuplicateReport is a duplicate image report.
type DuplicateReport struct {
ID int64 `json:"id"`
State string `json:"state"`
Reason string `json:"reason"`
ImageIDNumber int `json:"image_id_number"`
TargetImageIDNumber int `json:"target_image_id_number"`
User interface{} `json:"user"`
CreatedAt string `json:"created_at"`
Modifier *DupeReportModifier `json:"modifier"`
DupeReportModifier is the weighting of the an image duplicate report.
type DupeReportModifier struct {
ID int64 `json:"id"`
Name string `json:"name"`
Avatar string `json:"avatar"`
CommentCount int `json:"comment_count"`
UploadCount int `json:"upload_count"`
PostCount int `json:"post_count"`
TopicCount int `json:"topic_count"`
GetImage grabs image information with the api key of the recieving Connection.
If something fails it returns an error.
func (c *Connection) GetImage(ctx context.Context, id int) (*Image, []Interaction, error) {
data, is, err := c.apiCall(ctx, http.MethodGet, fmt.Sprintf("%d.json", id), url.Values{}, nil, http.StatusOK)
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, err
i := &Image{}
err = json.Unmarshal(data, i)
return i, is, err
DeleteImage deletes an image from the booru. Needs assistant/mod/admin API key.
This is useful for handling morons scriptedly. There seems to be a lot of them
lately. This is a shame.
func (c *Connection) DeleteImage(ctx context.Context, id, why string) error {
q := url.Values{}
q.Set("deletion_reason", why)
_, _, err := c.apiCall(ctx, http.MethodDelete, fmt.Sprintf("", id), q, nil, 200)
return err
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