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Feature: The Quantum Pause
The Quantum Pause is a meditative technique that serves as a very convenient
tool for reaching a special space of neutrality and intention from which you
can work on whatever you’d like internally. It is designed to reach a space
of contact with your inmost self, allowing you to work through situations by
their wisdom, and reinforcing their presence in the life of the individual.
A longer introduction to this process is here:
At a high level this is metta mixed with box breathing mixed with mindfulness.
The purpose of this exercise is not to leave the body, have a "spiritual"
experience, or even to conjure any "positive" experience when you are finished.
It is not designed to create an experience of your mind or give you
visualizations of another world. If you feel, sense or experience anything
that is unrelated to your purpose: gently, but firmly remove it.
Some people may find that the pause after the out-breath causes a sense of
panic. If you feel this happen, pause for a shorter amount of time. I have
found this works best when you breathe ALL the way in (until you can't) and
ALL the way out (until you can't). Play around with the process.
As used in this feature, the I AM is the feeling of being infinite and
sovereign. The WE ARE is the feeling of connectedness, wholeness, equality,
and integration of all other beings and life. These are optional, but I have
found they help immensely.
Given no background in meditation
And a willingness to learn
And no immediate problems breathing through the body's nose
And I am seated or laying down comfortably
And no music is playing
Scenario Outline: declarative purpose
# tl;dr: declare your intent before the first breath
As a meditator
In order to start this process
When I have a purpose in mind
Then I declare it aloud, saying "<intent>".
| intent |
| I am doing this for the whole of humanity. |
| I am doing this for myself. |
| I am doing this for my friends. |
| I am doing this for my family. |
| I am doing this for the readers of this article. |
Scenario: breathing cycle
# Avoid the temptation to visualize, think or feel anything. Just let it
# happen without comment.
As a meditator
In order to bring myself into the Now
When I begin
Then I breathe in through the body's nose until I cannot anymore
Then I pause for a moment # the I AM
Then I exhale through the body's mouth until I cannot anymore
Then I pause for a moment # the WE ARE
Then I continue for two to four measures # trust your gut
Scenario Outline: consolidation
As a meditatior
In order to consolidate things
When I notice things bubble up
Then I take a fresh look at them
And decide what I want to do with them
Then I perform <action>
Then I repeat this for a few minutes # (3 to 5-ish, don't take these as hard numbers)
Then I use my intuition to guide
| action |
| simple awareness and acceptance |
| loving-kindness (metta) |
| conflict resolution techniques |
| appreciation |
| compassion |
| forgiveness |
| humility |
| valor |
| understanding |
Scenario: meditation session
As a meditator
In order to perform a Quantum Pause session
Given I have a comfortable space
And I have some time to myself
Then I start with the declarative purpose
Then I do 2-4 measures of the breathing cycle
Then I consolidate
Then I repeat the breathing cycle and consolidation a few times
Then I thank the session for happening
Then I end it