RSDK reverse stuff + Sonic Mania Animation Editor
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RSDK reverse and tools

This is a repository where I am hosting tools and reverse engineering notes from RSDK (Retro-SDK) development kit developed by Christian Whitehead.

RSDK has 5 versions:

  • RSDKv1: Retro Sonic
  • RSDKv2: Sonic Nexus, Sonic XG
  • RSDKv3: Sonic CD 2011
  • RSDKv4: Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remakes
  • RSDKv5: Sonic Mania

The repository supports the Animation System used by RSDKv3 (unchanged in RSDKv4) and RSDKv5. The tool used to view and edit the animation of those versions is called RSDK Animation Editor.


During 2012 I created a program to disassembly the bytecode used by RSDKv3. It is old, buggy and released only because it was directly requested. It is no longer maintained and I am uploading it for research purpose only.