@Xeeynamo Xeeynamo released this Dec 28, 2017 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed issue #9
  • Fixed a bug where ID was not correctly loaded and editable
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  • Accurate animation speed.
  • Improved texutre management.
  • Animation duplication support.
  • Animation importing / exporting.
  • Frame importing / exporting.
  • Fixed the issue #8 .

I completely changed how the timer handles the animation system, now it is almost equal to Sonic Mania.
Since RSDKv5, every frame has its own duration. The formula is pretty easy: AnimationSpeed / FrameSpeed * 64, where the result is how millisecond the frame stays on-screen.

Texture management was activated by @thesupersonic16 in a state where it was not completely working and with some left-overs from XeEngine's Animation Editor. This led to some users to try it even on Sonic CD (#8), that it was not fully supported. Currently it is possible to add, remove or re-import GIFs into an animation file. Be aware that Sonic CD / 1 / 2 does not support textures higher than 256x256.

It is possible to export even animations and frames into single files, then re-import them even on different animation files. This leads to new ways to manage animations.

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New features:

  • Frames duplication (thanks thesupersonic16!)
  • Better animation speed support.

One thing that I never noticed is that Sonic Mania uses a custom speed for each frame. Thanks to the recent thesupersonic16's discovery about "duration" field on RSDK5 Frames, I was able to implement that f uctionality on the rendering system.
Currently there is some stuttering (I am not still able to understand if it is my fault or WPF/Stopwatch does not do a good job) but it should be enough to work on it!

I still should explore a solution on GIF's frame importing and exporting, but the palette system bothers me.

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@Xeeynamo Xeeynamo released this Oct 8, 2017 · 12 commits to master since this release

New features:

  • Hitbox support for RSDKv3 and RSDKv4.
  • Partial hitbox support for RSDKv5.


  • Crash while removing frames.
  • Animation corruption when adding frames to RSDKv5.
  • Uncentered sprites and wrong zoom.

Not implemented yet:

  • Complete support for RSDKv5 hitboxes
  • Animations duplication
  • Frames duplication
  • Sprite importing
  • Sprite exporting
  • Import and export between RSDKv3 and RSDKv5
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@Xeeynamo Xeeynamo released this Sep 3, 2017 · 20 commits to master since this release

Some things does not work, like hitbox support for RSDKv5. Adding or removing textures and hitboxes are not supported yet.

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