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Teensy footprint library for KiCAD

This repo includes KiCAD footprints for the following Teensy versions:

Teensy Pinouts 3D model
Teensy 1.0 C, Arduino
Teensy++ 1.0 C, Arduino
Teensy 2.0 C, Ardino
Teensy++ 2.0 C, Arduino
Teensy 3.0 Front, Back
Teensy 3.1 Front, Back
Teensy 3.2 Front, Back
Teensy LC Front, Back
Teensy 3.5 Front, Back ✔️ (by Darcy)
Teensy 3.6 Front, Back ✔️ (by Darcy)
Teensy 4.0* Front, Back ✔️
Teensy 4.1 Front, Back ✔️ (by Zack Kummer)

* includes SMT version


  • The Teensy 4.0 SMT footprint requires the addition of edge cuts (indicated by lines in the Dwgs.User layer) which create castellated connections for most pins. Pins 2, 3, 31, 32 & 34 are not castellated and will require careful soldering and probably a wire to ensure a reliable connection.
  • There are two footprints for Teensy 3.0/3.1/3.2 and 3.5/3.6. One that includes the through-hole connections on Teensy and one that adds all of the SMT connections on the bottom of the Teensy.

For symbols look here:


KiCAD library for Teensy microcontrollers





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