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LSL linting for Sublime Text 3
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This SublimeLinter 3 plugin provides an interface to lslint. This plugin applies linting to files that have the lsl and ossl syntax. If you do not know what a linter is or are new to SublimeLinter, please refer to the SublimeLinter documentation.

Special warning

Due to SublimeLinter4 beaking this plugin, you need to disable automatic package upgrade until a better solution is found/created. Sorry about that.

This package only works with SublimeLinter v3. You need to add the following repository to package control (Command Palette -> Package control -> Add Repository):, then install SublimeLinter from Package Control.

Quick start

You're advised to install Will Bond's Package Control (see the installation page there) for Sublime Text, which makes finding, installing and keeping packages up-to-date much easier.



In Sublime Text select from the menu Tools > Command Palette (see also Command Palette), select Package Control: Install Package and hit Enter ↩, then select SublimeLinter-contrib-lslint and hit Enter ↩.

Linter executable

Sublimelinter-contrib-lslint is developed for makopo/lslint and will probably not work with pclewis' original binary.

Recommended plugins and settings

  • Enable inline tooltips (Command Palette => SublimeLinter: Enable Inline Tooltips)
  • Install SublimeLinter Inline Errors by alexkuz (Then disable Show Errors on Save!): Yrx66FO1.png (Optional, not for everyone)


Please see .github/

Special thanks

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