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XenOriginal Add ForceKextsToLoad \System\Library\Extensions\IOGraphicsFamily.kext…
… to make voodooi2c work well on new Mac Version (19A558d)
Latest commit 0fb8bc4 Sep 16, 2019


Catalina 10.15 is supported

-----------------Work not well---------------------------

Built in Audio can not work

Earphone is not perfect, bluetooth earphone is recommanded

4K solution: Due to HDMI bandwith, you must make resolution down to 2880x1600 with 60Hz. (SwitchResX can help you setting it)

Card Reader can passthrough to Virtualmachine, but not work in Mac


My laptop editon not have a Nvidia-MX graphic card, if you want use my EFI, you need to add DSDT-DDGPU and some boot argument (nv_disable)

---------------Hardware Recommend------------------------

This laptop can use BCM94360CS2, you just need make conversion card not so long, no need to do any destroy on your laptop!

This laptop can use NVME X4 SSD, it's perfect, using samsung may have problem in Mac

This laptop can change display LED to N156HCE-EN1, it's only need 200RMB. Worth!

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