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Citrix ADC Autoscale AWS
HCL PowerShell
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Citrix ADC Autoscale AWS

Before using

Adding Azure Pipeline Extensions

Install the following:

Create an AWS connection

Go to Project Settings > Service connections > New service connection > AWS > Name will be used as awsCredentials in variable group

Accept AWS marketplace terms & conditions

Accept the terms & conditions for the following AMIs:

Required variables in the "aws-variables" group:

Name Example Value Secret Value? Description
awsCredentials aws-connection No Needed to connect to AWS from Azure Pipelines.
citrixExternalId 1111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111 Yes Your unique ID from Citrix. Prerequisites for Citrix ADM
commonName adcautoscale No A name that will be used in the deployment. Lower case without special characters.
deployPublicSshKey ssh-rsa <base64> user@computer Yes Public SSH Key.
environment development No Name of the environment.
environmentShort dev No Short name of the environment.
externalDnsZone No DNS Zone which is going to be used by ADM Service.
externalManagementIp Yes Public IP to allow management from.
region eu-central-1 No Name of the AWS region.
regionShort euc1 No Short name of the AWS region.
tfVersion 0.12.6 No Version of terraform to use.

Setting up

Run the terraform

Manual (powershell)

$ENV:AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = "<accessKey>"
$ENV:TF_VAR_citrixExternalId = "<citrixExternalId>"
$ENV:TF_VAR_deployPublicSshKey = "<publicSshKey>"
$ENV:TF_VAR_externalManagementIp = "<externalManagementIp>"
$ENV:TF_VAR_externalDnsZone = "<externalDnsZone>"

cd terraform

terraform init -backend-config "bucket=<bucketName>" -backend-config "key=<stateName>.tfstate" 

terraform plan
terraform validate
terraform apply

Note: Change $ENV: to export if using bash.

Azure DevOps

The recommended way of running it, since all the configuration required is included. Create the variable group and add the azure-pipelines.yml.

DNS Configuration

Point your nameservers to the route 53 dns zone created.

Configure Citrix ADM Agent

Full documentation can be found here: Install Citrix ADM agent on AWS

Logging on to Citrix ADM Agent

SSH to the eip of the Bastion using the private ssh key and username core. Then SSH to the Citrix ADM Agent instance using nsrecover as the username and Instance ID of the instance as the password. (right now, the public key isn't working with this AMI).

Configuring Citrix ADM Service connection

When logged on to the ADM Agent, run to configure it: (you get the service url and activation code during the "Get Started" setup in ADM Service)

Citrix ADM Agent Registration with Citrix ADM Service. This menu allows you to specify a cloud url and obtain an instance ID for your device.
    Enter Service URL: <serviceUrl>
    Enter Activation Code : <activationCode>
Agent registration successful.
Restarting Agent Deamon. Please wait for a few minutes . . . . . .
Stopping Agent
Reinitializing monit daemon
Reinitializing monit daemon
Stopping nsulfd
Stopped nsulfd
Stopped Agent
Reinitializing monit daemon
rm: /var/run/ No such file or directory
Reinitializing monit daemon
rm: /var/run/ No such file or directory
Reinitializing monit daemon
Reinitializing monit daemon
Cloud Agent
Starting Agent
agent upgrade daemon is already running.
agent monitor daemon is already running.
Starting nsulfd
kern.ipc.shmall: 8519680 -> 8519680
kern.ipc.shmmax: 134217728 -> 134217728
net.inet.tcp.fast_finwait2_recycle: 1 -> 1
kern.ipc.maxsockbuf: 16777216 -> 16777216
Started nsulfd
Started Agent

ADM Service configuration

  • Go to Networks > Agents
  • Select the Agend and then press attach site
  • Choose your AWS site deployed with terraform
  • Follow the guide Create autoscale groups
  • When choosing security groups and subnets: client = outside, server = inside
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