Bluecontroller BCA8-BTM (bluetooth module BTM-222, microcontroller ATmega328P)
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Bluecontroller (BCA8-BTM)

Atmel Studio 6 C-Project to send and receive text over Bluetooth:

Microcontroller <-> UART <->    Bluetooth    <-> COM Port <-> PC


ATmega328p <-> USART0 <-> BTM-222 <->    Bluetooth    <-> Bluetooth dongle <-> COM Port <-> RS232 Terminal <-> PC


Institute of Computer Engineering, University of Lübeck:

  • Author: Fabi Rosenthal, Florian Thaeter, Mai Linh E. Nguyen
  • Supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Weiss, Dipl.-Inf. Alexander Gabrecht

mReS - Modular Rehabilitation System

This project was developed as part of the mReS project at the Institute of Computer Engineering - University of Lübeck:

mReS is a modular rehabilitation system for training of hand function after stroke. The modularity allows a broad spectrum of training and progress assessment possibilities while reducing the complexity and cost. This facilitates a wider distribution into clinics and home rehabilitation. The system makes of visual feedback distortion, which has been introduced as a new concept in neurorehabilitation. The patient is encouraged to reach beyond prior achievements by giving slightly distorted feedback.

mReS project:


Licence: CC BY 3.0 (

Documentation (article):

Documentation (Doxygen):

Acknowledgement: Thanks to the support of Michael Dreher and Kamil Loska


  • BCA8-BTM (Bluecontroller)
  • ATmega328P (Microcontroller)
  • BTM-222 (Bluetooth Module)


  • Atmel Studio 6
  • RS232 Terminal


Latest stable version: v1.1 aka Epsilon (tested and proven to work)

Epsilon version (v1.1)


  • Setup Bluecontroller bluecontroller.c -> void bt_setut(void)
  • Send strings: bluecontroller.c -> void bt_puts(char\* s)
  • Receive strings (interrupt driven): cmd.c -> ISR(USART_RX_vect)
  • Receive commands and react: cmd.c -> void checkCmd(void)

Commands (for testing):

  • wusel -> BC sends "xyz" back (intended as handshake ack)
  • ledOn -> BC sends "abc" back and turns led on
  • ledOff -> BC sends "123" back and turns led off