Example usage of Eclipse EMF, Graphiti, Spray and MOFScript
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Graphical model editor

Used software

Getting started

  • Start Eclipse Modeling Tools IDE
  • Import org.example.demo.activitydiagram and org.example.demo.activitydiagram.ad_editor into Eclipse

Generate code

  • Open the org.example.demo.activitydiagram/model/activitydiagram_model.genmodel file
  • Rightclick on Activitydiagram_model > Generate Model Code

Run the editor

  • Run org.example.demo.activitydiagram.ad_editor as Eclipse Application
  • Import DemoActivityDiagramEditor

Transform the diagram to text

  • Open the DemoActivityDiagramEditor\MOFScript\ActivityDiagramEditor.m2t file
  • Click the run button and choose as source code model the DemoActivityDiagramEditor/model folder


With the editor you can create activity diagrams like the following:


These diagrams are base on the underlying model, which is defined in the EMF Project:


With the included MOFScript it is possible to transform the above activity diagram to text:

******************* Start *******************
STATE: StartState 
TRANISTION: name:'', from:StartState(''), to:ActionState('View list of travel destinations')
TRANISTION: name:'', from:ActionState('View list of travel destinations'), to:DecisionState('Share travel link')
TRANISTION: name:'no', from:DecisionState('Share travel link'), to:EndState('')
TRANISTION: name:'yes', from:DecisionState('Share travel link'), to:ActionState('Compose email and send')
TRANISTION: name:'', from:ActionState('Compose email and send'), to:EndState('')
TRANISTION: name:'', from:ActionState('Book travel'), to:EndState('')
******************* End *******************