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Poetic License

Dedicated to the public domain by Alexander E Genaud

The following license is believed to be legally equivalent to the BSD, MIT, and ISC licenses. The text of the license was first written by Alexander E Genaud in October, 2005 ( ), who hopes others will use and improve the license. Use of the license itself does not require its own notice.

Liability Version

The wording for the original included a phrase claiming "We’ve done our best, to debug and test." which might constitute or construe a warranty or use.

The license also seemed week when removing all types of liability from the party in question.

This updated license is released to the public domain.

David Pennington

(c) 2011 Company Name

Permission is granted hereby,
to copy, share, and modify.
 To use as is fit,
 free or for profit.
These rights, on this notice, rely.

This work ‘as-is’ we provide.
Therefore all claims are defied.
 Denied is our liability,
 for damage, tort, or responsibility.
No warranty express or implied.