A tiny JavaScript framework for AJAX requests, Modals, Text Editors, Lightboxes, DOM handling, and effects in 5kB
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kB JavaScript Framework

This is a tiny JavaScript framework that includes everything needed by most sites to do basic effects and AJAX requests. Very few sites actually use everything that a full massive framework like jQuery or Mootools offers. Most simply need some of the following features:

  • Sending AJAX GET/POST requests
  • Inserting DOM elements
  • Encoding/Decoding JSON
  • Animating Elements (FX)
  • * Moving elements
  • * Fading in/out elements
  • * Sliding in/out elements
  • Serializing Form Data
  • Creating Modals
  • Image Lightboxes
  • Markdown, BBCode, or HTML textarea editor
  • Scrolling the browser window
  • Adding functions to DOM ready
  • Adding functions to element events (onClick/Submit/Hover etc..)

If your site is heavily based on JavaScript I would not advise you to use KB. This framework is only to provide some of the most commonly used functions for 95% of all sites in a simple and easy-to-use way without wasting bandwidth on feature-creep.

This framework can be used with other frameworks as long as the $() function is removed (first line of kB.js). Many thanks goes to @antimatter15 for his great work on vX which comprises much of the code. Released totally free under the MIT License.

David Pennington http://xeoncross.com