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Debian 6 VPS Script

Remove excess packages (apache2, sendmail, bind9, samba, nscd, etc) and install the basic components needed for a light-weight HTTP(S) web server:

  • dropbear (SSH)
  • iptables (firewall)
  • dash (replaces bash)
  • syslogd
  • MySQL (v5.1+ W/O Innodb, configured for lowend VPS)
  • PHP-FPM (v5.3+ with APC installed and configured)
  • exim4 (light mail server)
  • nginx (v1.0+ from dotdeb, configured for lowend VPS. Change worker_processes number in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf according to number of your CPUs)
  • vim, nano, mc, htop, iftop & iotop (more to come...)

Includes sample nginx config files for PHP sites. You can create a basic site shell (complete with nginx vhost) like this:

./ site

When running the iptables or dropbear install you must specify a SSH port. Remember, port 22 is the default. It's recomended that you change this from 22 just to save server load from attacks on that port.

Usage (in recomended order)

Warning! This script is self destructive, it'll overwrite previous configs during reinstallation.

wget --no-check-certificate
$ ./ dotdeb
$ ./ system
$ ./ dropbear 22  <b>*(or any other port number)</b>
$ ./ iptables
$ ./ mysql
$ ./ nginx
$ ./ php
$ ./ exim4
$ ./ site

After installation

MySQL root is given a new password which is located in ~root/.my.cnf. After installing the full set, ram usage reaches ~40-45Mb. By default APC configured to use 16Mb for caching. To reduce ram usage, you may disable APC by moving or deleting the following file - /etc/php5/conf.d/apc.ini I recommend installing Ajenti and/or Webmin to manage your VPS. For security reasons delete, move or password protect "new_domain/public/phpinfo.php" file, which installed automatically on each new site installation.


LowEndBox admin (LEA), Xeoncross, ilevkov and many others.

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